Check or Cancel Existing Appointment: Select this option if you have already made an appointment, and you want to find out your appointment date and time, or if you would like to cancel your appointment.

Make New Appointment: Select this option if you would like make a new appointment for energy assistance. Please note, you will not be able to make an appointment if you have already received assistance during the current program year.

View Grant Amount: Select this option if you would like to find out when your application was processed, the grant amount you received, and next steps. You can also print your award letter here. Please note, grants are subject to change at any time.

If you have received a shut off notice or you are disconnected, do not make an appointment. Read the program guidelines and list of required documents on Byrd Barr Place’s website before applying. Bring all required documents with you to Byrd Barr Place to apply in person. Please note that we cannot accept applications until they are complete, even if you are in an emergency. Missing documents will delay your assistance. You must call the utility immediately to let them know you are applying for assistance and to make payment arrangements.

For PSE customers only: The applicant’s name must appear on the bill. If the gas has been shut off, you must call PSE to set up a new account before submitting your application. Contact PSE at 1-888-225-5773 if applicable.


Within minutes of making your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email with a calendar appointment attached to the email. In addition, you will also receive a phone call reminder the day before your appointment.

Appointments can be changed or canceled at any time on this website. You can also make or cancel an appointment at any time (24/7) using our automated phone system by dialing (206) 486-6828 and following the instructions.